About Us

John Kawaja

John is a former 2x world champion (curling), competing at the highest level for over 18 years. He has spent his entire career in sports, as a player, executive, founder and parent. John is the former President of the TaylorMade Golf company, and was an adidas executive for over 20 years. In this experience, John saw that extraordinary things happen every single day in the world – and it doesn’t happen by chance. It happens because somebody has a big dream.

John has had the opportunity to work with many of the most successful athletes across all sports, but it was his experience parenting his son, a high school baseball standout, that fueled his passion for helping athletes unlock their potential.

Todd Harris

Todd is a former professional hockey player spending most of his time playing in the minor leagues. He has transitioned from hockey into professional career as a firefighter and for the past 20 years has enjoyed working with developing kids, and older players trying to take the next step in their hockey careers.

Todd’s experience working with young athletes, as well as having the opportunity of playing alongside former and current professional athletes, has sparked a curiosity on how to help individuals reach their full potential in order to maximize their chances of reaching their career goals. Whatever sport they play, Todd has made it a goal of his to help create an environment to allow these motivated individuals in reaching their goals.

Steve Pearce

Steve’s 30 year business career and entrepreneurship has provided for his family but in his heart there has always been an inherent need to mentor and give back to the community. This was fulfilled through 25 years of coaching youth sports and the one on one discussions assisting athletes and their parents alike with what it is going to take to become successful and reach elite status in their sport of choice.

It was not until his own son who played competitive hockey and reached the US Collegiate level did he find clarity in the need to understand the truths of competition that go beyond the skills and talent of playing the game that bring greater success in sport and life.